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pin-striped man

4 months, 1 week ago


Will suggestions

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oh! I got one. Not a specific show or gig but anytime Obvious Preacher is busted out, I always marvel at Will’s skills. The Webster Hall show or Madison Square show stands out on first thought but probably because those are such great recordings. I remember Ezra saying on Time Crisis about how when the request for Obvious Bicycle came down at Madison Square Garden, he was skeptical because it seemed like a low energy song at such a high energy point in the show. He admits tho that it was a great request and really fit nicely within the setlist.

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Will suggestions

4 months, 4 weeks ago


I’ve finally been digging into the live recordings and I’m super impressed with what the band’s been doing this last tour. Saw them at the Ojai shows and Hollywood Bowl this past October and they were both amazing. One of my favorite discoveries from these live bootlegs which I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing in person is the live 2021. I love how much the open it up on the second half. It’s jammy but also just sort of feels like an extended mix. Another one of my favorite things in the FOTB era is when Will just goes off on the keys. Anyone have any Will-centric recs??

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New Jersey Boys

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Art Vandelay

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